The 9 most junked Items. 

Our team has worked hard this year and has hauled a tremendous amount of junk this year. Our team has loaded and unloaded tonnes of junk to help our tremendous customers reclaim their space. They called us and like magic, they said goodbye to their junk. For every truckload, we work to donate the donatable and recycle the recyclables, as a way to give back and be as green as possible. 

The following is a fun review of the most taken items by our team. Some are obvious but some might be a surprise. 

1. Hot Tubs 

Our team is known for our demolitions, when you combine that with our junk removal experience it is quite obvious why hot tubs have become our biggest item removed. 

2. Mattresses 

We are thrilled for all of our customers who have upgraded their beds. A good night’s sleep is so important, and when they called us they knew they were going to have their old mattress gone and not have to worry. 

3. Televisions 

Whether it was as wide as a table or just an old flat screen, TVs are something our customers love to upgrade with. That’s when we come into junk/ Donate the old televisions to get them out of their homes to make way for the newer, shinier, and brighter TV’s

4. Pianos 

Our team loves pianos, we do so many of them. We know how to professionally have the removed without leaving a scratch on the floor or a dent on the wall. Some pianos can be beasts weighing over 2 hundred pounds. However, we bring the strength to get the job done. If you are looking for a piano removal, its $300 and it’s gone. 

5.  Couches

Couches can be a bit of a struggle to get in and out before we have made it work. Removing hundreds of couches from our customer’s homes. Fun fact, our team also does moves, so if you are looking to have our team help you move couches then please reach out we’d love to help. 

6. Fridges & freezers 

When it comes to fridges and freezers it is best to leave these removals to professionals. Time and time again we see damage from homeowners trying to remove these heavy objects themselves. Moreover, some of these items have toxic materials inside it is best to let a junk removal professional dispose of them in the most environmentally friendly way possible. 

7. Tires

Tires are one of the most disposed of item that isn’t from inside the home. The various nature of tires and how fast they need to be replaced create a large amount of junk to be removed.

8. Washers & dryers

Just because it’s not higher on this list doesn’t mean we haven’t taken a lot of Washers and Dryers. We love to grab these items because it means the clients have upgraded their washers and dryers. No one likes using broken or old laundry machines, and we are so happy our clients no longer have to deal with faulty appliances. 

9. Barbeques

With spring around the corner, what could be better than junking the old BBQ and getting a nice new one? Food is an essential part of life and it’s about time yours tastes as good as it can. Don’t let a broken or old BBQ stand in the way of the perfect backyard get-together. 


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