How To Get a Piano Removed In Hamilton and Surrounding Areas

Is your piano collecting dust? As someone who grew up playing the beautiful instrument, I understand saying goodbye can be an emotional event. However, if you have decided it’s finally time to say goodbye we are here to help. We always tell every client to first post their piano for sale of even for a free pickup before contacting us. Each piano is unique and some have more life left in them than others. That’s why we always urge anyone to post on places like Facebook Marketplace, and Kijiji and share with friends to try to rehome the piano.


However, many times when someone can’t find a new home for their piano it’s time to pay to have them removed. Our price is $300 flat with no added fees. It’s that simple you can reach out “here”, our team will come to you to remove the piano and allow you to reclaim the space in your home. We know pianos are very heavy and that is why it’s best to get experts to help you remove it from your home. Floors, walls, appliances, tiles nothing is safe if you are sliding, dropping or crashing the piano trying to get it out of your house. Our team, which is insured for damages has removed hundreds of pianos and knows how to safely get them out of your home.

Our services are not limited to Pianos. If you want a piano plus other items removed don’t hesitate to reach out. We will gladly take them all at once. Be assured we pride ourselves on extreme caution when moving any item. Whether that be a Piano or anything else, your home and the items you choose to keep inside your home will remain safe. We really look forward to hearing from you, and can’t wait to help you reclaim your space once that piano is finally removed from your home.


Please note we service all of the Halton region so if you are in Burlington, Stoney Creek, Mississauga, Oakville, Dundas, or any of the surrounding areas please reach out here and we will be more than happy to come and remove your piano for you.



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